Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Internet Bullying

I think internet bullying is awful. People get really hurt by the things bullies say via web. I believe something should be done about it because it's getting very serious. Many people have commited suicide or the thoughts might have passed through their head because of cyber bullying. The people bullying others really should get some sense knocked into them because it's not okay to do what their doing. Even though it may seem like it's harmless because it's over the net, it's far from harmless.
This usually occurs over facebook, people always hear about facebook "fights" and altercations online. If someone ever reads one of these"fights" they will notice many different examples of cyber-bullying. They are constantly insulting people and it really hurts peoples' feelings. I think that if many people get together and start a group against cyber bullying people will finally come to realize how hurtful it is and it will come to an end soon enough!

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