Thursday, March 10, 2011

books vs. e-books

I think that e-books are better than books. Its easier to read on them too because you can zoom in if you can't read the text as easily. Also, regular books get ruined it so much easier than e-books. E-books are a lot of money as opposed to some books, though. Keeping e-books charged are also something to worry about, but they are known for having good battery life. I like e-books better than regular books because you can highlight words and look them up right on the spot. You can also mark them up without it being permanent. With regular books you can't mark them up sometimes because they belong to the school.
In the future, I think e-books will definitely over come regular books. This is because everyone is more up to date with modern technology because everything is advancing so quickly. Also, since modern technology is trying to make it easier for everyone,this way more people will want to try them out. I think more people will like e-books because it's a change from the classic book. It's more hands on, I think and it gives you more control to zoom and look up words.

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