Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Today seems like it's never ending, especially because even when school ends at 2pm, I have gymnastics practice at 2:20pm. I don't want to go to practice today at all. I compete beam for BHS gymnastics, and yesterday while practice my routine I did a roundoff and fell off of the beam. I didn't JUST fall off though, I fell off hitting almost every single rib on my left side. I'm pretty sure at least 2 are broken and the rest are bruised. Unfortunately, you can't "fix" broken ribs, you just have to let them heal over time. I'm still practicing today and tomorrow I have to do my routine infront of a judge, so she can critique it. I hope my broken ribs don't impair me in doing well tomorrow. At least I didn't break anything too serious like an ankle or leg! But it's still lame that it happened. Oh well, I'm going to get back up on the beam today and do my routine as if nothing happened...hopefully!

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