Friday, December 10, 2010

Apple vs. Windows

I prefer Apple rather than Windows. This is because Apple is much more advanced in technology and applications. Also, Apple's computers (Macs) are a lot better than Window's computers because the Macs are much faster and they also have better screen resoultions which makes images look much better. Apple and Windows also share good qualities. For example, how Windows has many messenger applications and a movie maker application and Apple has many advanced items like the iPad and iPhone. A poor feature of Windows is that it runs slow and it can get very aggrivating. Apple also has a downfall, and it is that it's more design based than data based. This means that Apple focuses more on how to improve the resolutions and image clearness rather than the updated versions of the actual application. Windows doesn't focus on the images and resoultion but focuses mainly on the data part of their items. Windows has excellent programs like Excell and Microsoft Word, but their graphics aren't as good as Apple. This is a good competition because Apple and Windows are kind of like opposites.
Apple was established on April 1st, 1976 in California, but wasn't incorporated until January of 1977. It used to be name Apple Computers, Inc for the first 30 years of its existance, but afterwards changed to just Apple because they decided to invent other products instead of just computers. Windows was created in 1983 through Microsoft. The first version of Windows was Windows 1.0 created in 1985. The second version of Windows came out two years later in December of 1987. Apple and Windows actually worked together to create "desk accessories" like calculator, paint, and a clock. These were available on the desktop or the main home screen on the computer.

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